Useful Tips to Store Bulk E-Liquid

Your vaping experience depends on a lot upon the quality of e-liquid in bulk. How you store e-liquids can alter its flavor and taste. Many first time vapers don’t pay much attention to the proper storage technique of e-liquids and end up ruining its taste.

Avoid from heat and light
The most basic rule for proper e-liquid storage is to understand what you should keep your juice away. Heat, light, and air are the enemies of vape flavor. If you require keeping your electronic cigarette flavor tasting fresh and sweet, preferably store liquid bottles in dark and cool room.

When exposed to heat and light, e-liquid flavors tend to lose their original taste and quality. Light and air cause nicotine to oxidize that eventually leads to the change in the colors of the liquid. Oxidized e-juice turn darker in color and give a poorer taste.

Whereas keeping e-cigarette flavor in low temperature helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold and slows down the oxidation process. Since direct heat is not a good idea for storing it, make sure never to expose your e-cig flavor to direct sunlight. Hence don’t keep them on windows or other places which receive direct sunlight.

It is best to keep bottles in the basement or medicine cabinet. These places are usually dark and cool and would maintain the flavors of your liquid.

Plastic bottles or glass
While some manufacturers offer e-juice bulk in plastic bottles, others offer in glass bottles. While plastic bottles are excellent when it come to short-term storage, they are not ideal for long-term storage (i.e. more than a couple of months). There is nothing wrong if you use e-liquids stored in plastic containers on a monthly basis. But plastic is simply not suitable for long term storage.

It is recommended to use dark glass bottles for storing flavors to increase their longevity. The dark shaded glass bottles prevent air and light from getting through the e-juice and keep the original flavors intact.

To refrigerate or not
Some people also keep vape flavors in the fridge for long-term storage as cold temperatures prevent the growth of bacteria. But one should keep on remembering that e-juices tend to thicken up and lose a bit of flavor when stored in the fridge. If you have kept your vape flavor in the refrigerator, make sure to hold it in the room temperature for some time before filling it up for vaping your electronic pen.

To opt for bulk orders or not?
For many people, ordering e-liquids in bulk is an economical option. However keep in mind to store them properly. E-juices do not last forever. They have a shelf life of around two years. It’s best to purchase less quantity initially.

When stored properly, e-juices can last longer and yet maintain its original taste and flavor. Following these simple, above mentioned tips will help retain the freshness of your e-juice for a longer time.

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E-Liquid in Bulk

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